How I deal with barking outbursts during dog training! (Full training session in my latest YT video)

How to Properly Potty Train Your Puppy


How to Properly Potty Train Your Puppy

The key to training your dog is to focus on him. This is equivalent to teaching him to pay attention to you and respond to your cues. You can find a video on this from Laurie Luck. By practicing this exercise daily, you can reduce the risk of your dog biting someone. And once your dog is trained to pay attention, it will be much easier to play with him. This video also teaches your dog to control the pressure of his mouth.

Alpha training involves using the alpha position in your home to establish your dominance. For instance, you would ask your dog to sit before the door is opened, or to stay away from furniture or beds until you’ve made your food. You wouldn’t want your dog to reach eye level to make you feel uncomfortable. Basically, this approach involves establishing the alpha position and teaching your dog not to challenge you. Dominance training is popular in dogs, but there are other methods as well.

Another method to train your dog is by using a ‘lure’ or “reward” system. By calling your pup’s name and showing them the reward, you can get them to respond to the command. If the dog refuses to come when called, it will run off and chase you. If your dog is truly stubborn, you can also try crying on the floor. By using these tricks, you can make your puppy come when you call, instead of being a victim of bad behavior.

Socialization is another important aspect of training your dog. Socialization is a great way to introduce your puppy to new people and situations. After vaccinations, it is important to continue socializing your dog. Place your puppy in a playpen with another puppy, while at the same time exposing it to different sounds and sights on YouTube. It is also essential to establish your pup’s impulse control by letting him sit for food and water bowls and releasing him from sitting if he doesn’t want to.

Keeping a schedule is an important part of potty training your dog. While putting it on a schedule helps your dog become more aware of where to do their business, it also reinforces the need to go outside more often. Consistency is key to successful potty training. A dog who is confined to one space learns less quickly than one who is allowed to do their business outside. Keep a schedule and stick to it.

Once your dog understands the basics of obedience, it’s time to extend that training outside of the house. You can use your long line outdoors to practice the commands and expose your dog to new situations. You can use it to practice recall, longer distances, and challenging distractions. Make sure to reward your puppy when it responds to a command. And continue socializing your dog. It will help you get a dog that is happy and well-mannered.