Hunt tests and dog training ensures safety while hunting this fall

BELDEN, miss. (WCBI) – Hunting trials are underway in northeast Mississippi in preparation for the upcoming hunting season.

Brett Copeland is a dog trainer based in Jonesboro, Arkansas. He taught his customers’ dogs to hunt ducks and pigeons.

“People at home may not have time to keep up with the dog all year round. Everyone is busy, little kids working all the time, traveling so leave your dog in training. So, almost to see what their training brings, we collect titles all year round, ”said Copeland.

On Sunday morning, people all over the south were practicing title-winning skills.

Tyler Patterson is the owner of Maple Ridge Retrievers. He said training makes the hunt easier.

“It’s part of the partnership of them to do and do it. But then you kill a bird and it goes down and you can’t find it, the dog should be able to find it even if it’s in cover or you don’t wade into the water and get back into the boat in a duck hunting situation to get it, ”said Patterson.

But it’s more than hunting, it’s camaraderie. And it is important to protect this companion.

“Especially when you’re chasing out of a pit, you are at eye level with them, you know, the barrel of your gun is right on their head. You are sitting on a pigeon stool, your muzzle basically level with them. So you have to sit still and just one touch, which we call a negative position, just one touch behind you, ”Patterson said.

“In the dog’s safety aspect, we do what the dog holds on to. We don’t want him to be in danger when the guns are on fire. Whether it’s tying the dog down to make sure it’s stable or something, ”said Copeland.

Even with the pigeon season approaching, professional dog trainers have said that it takes a year of training to get your dog to a finished level.

“If you have a dog that has trained a bit, it may have been chased a bit, which I would do to prepare for the upcoming pigeon season, it’s September 4th, your dog needs to be in good physical shape. You know, when he sat on the couch and enjoyed the summer, went to the lake house, that deal and you say now let’s get 15 pigeons as we hope we kill, he has to be in shape to take the heat . And when he gets hot, you have to lock him up. You may not be able to hunt him the whole part of the hunt, ”Patterson said.

Maple Ridge Retrievers will host another hunting test this coming August.

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