Hyderabad: 3 puppies thrown off first floor | Hyderabad News

HYDERABAD: Three puppies thrown from the first floor of a college building in Vidhya Nagar were given a second chance at a life after locals gathered to build a makeshift shelter to protect them from the heavy rains.
The incident came to light after the locals who witnessed the incident called an animal rights activist to save the remaining four dogs and the mother dogs from a similar fate.
“I rushed to the site after I got a call from one of the residents saying that an unknown person had thrown the pups one by one from the first floor of the building. When I arrived I found all three puppies lying on the ground in the rain. They did not suffer any major injuries, but did not move because of the shock, ”said Prithvi Panneeru, an animal rights activist.
“The mother dog may have carried the pups up to the first floor of college to protect them from the heavy rains. She never thought that her puppies would be thrown out of the building, ”the activist told TOI.
A video shared by the animal rights activist shows the mother dog trying to resuscitate one of the pups who was unconscious from shock after being thrown out of the building.
But even after the puppies were rescued, it took the locals and activist some time and effort to find a safe place and build a shelter to protect the dogs from the rain.
“We just wanted to build a small temporary shelter to protect the puppies and the mother dog at least until the rain had subsided. When the college security staff objected, we decided to build it in front of my house, which is about 600 meters from the college, ”said D Sindhuja, a resident of Vidhya Nagar.

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