I-Team: North Las Vegas man accused of beating, taping 4-month-old puppy’s muzzle shut

Event reported in 2020, arrest last week, records show

by: David Charns

Posted: 7/20/2021 / 4:49 PM PDT
Updated: 7/20/2021 / 4:49 PM PDT

Francisco Leyva-Parra (KLAS)

WARNING: The details in this report may be troubling to some. The discretion of the reader is recommended.

NORD-LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – A man from North Las Vegas is accused of molesting a puppy and taping its snout shut when police say he was being videotaped. The incident was first reported to authorities last year.

North Las Vegas police said they were called into a home on February 26, 2020 for a report of animal cruelty, the court records said. The home address was blacked out in the report.

A neighbor had reported that a man later identified as Francisco Leyva-Parra had beaten a four-month-old Belgian Malinois named Magnus, the records say. Leyva-Parra is accused of hitting the animal, taping its snout shut and spraying it with water.

During the investigation, the police were provided with a video of the incident from a neighbor.

“[The neighbor] watched the man [redacted] beating the dog, beating the dog, and taping the dog’s mouth shut to muffle its barking or screeching, ”the report said. “While the dog’s mouth was taped shut, [the neighbor] saw the man grab a hose and splash it in the dog’s face. [The neighbor] He said he saw the dog suffocate until it went limp and the man beat him again.

When the officers arrived at the house, no one answered, but “the officers knew someone was home because they could hear people in the house and lights were on in different rooms of the house,” the report said.

An officer checked Magnus, who was tied up in a cage, the police described. There was no food or water for the dog.

The next day, an animal control officer went to the house to check on Magnus. One person at the home said the dog was being kept in the back yard because of illness. The person also said that Magnus was not taking any medication for the disease and had bitten Parra.

According to the report, this person refused to give up custody of the puppy unless the animal control officers showed their video of the alleged abuse. You could get some of that footage. Police said the person responded by telling officers about a bite and scratch on his hand.

The person then released Magnus into protective custody.

The dog was later euthanized at the Animal Foundation’s shelter for health reasons, the report shows. It is not stated whether Leyva-Parra’s alleged actions resulted in the dog’s death.

Leyva-Parra is charged with animal cruelty and will be tried in August.

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