Inside the double decker bus converted into a dog grooming salon

A woman has converted a double-decker bus into a two-story dog ​​grooming service.

Based at Waterworld on Chester High Road in Neston, The Dogshack claims to be the only double decker dog grooming company in the world.

The conversion of the bus took eight weeks from start to finish.

The unique layout allows people to watch their dogs groom, which is ideal for anxious dogs or owners.

Owner Nicola Forster revealed that she was tired of her old job and always wanted a business of her own, so she decided to start the service.

She said, “I was tired of my sales job and I loved dogs. I’ve always wanted to have my own business, so it made sense.

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“We started in a converted horse trailer. I didn’t want to be tied to a street address in case it was crowded with snow groomers or not busy. This seemed like a natural progression.

“I love how bizarre it is, people stop and take photos when their dogs are being groomed.

“People can literally watch their dogs being groomed so they can rest assured that the dogs are being treated properly.

“Nervous dogs especially like the bus because it doesn’t have the typical salon feel.

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Nicola said the low running costs compared to a regular salon helped her through the pandemic.

She said: “It was a godsend during the pandemic as we designed the bus.

“The running and maintenance costs are tiny compared to a regular salon, so it was great.

“Business has been tough, but we’re definitely seeing a huge increase as the restrictions have been eased slightly. I’m looking forward to the future! “

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