Jeff Koons “Puppy” Needs $ 119,000 Image Change

Most of us are out of the pandemic with slightly worse wear and tear than before. Even Jeff Koon’s Puppy, the flower-covered sculptures that have welcomed visitors to the Bilbao Guggenheim Museum for 23 years, need a makeover.

The 12.4 meter high sculpture of the West Highland Terrier was placed in front of a museum in Spain in 1997 and is now looking for donations to rejuvenate the puppy. If you save this type of living sculpture, you will find that it goes way back in time. In fact, it’s 100,000 euros. Juan Ignacio Vidalte, director of the Bilbao Guggenheim Museum, explains why:

“Jeff Koons” puppy is one of the most iconic pieces in the collection and has proven to be an icon of the city of Bilbao since Bilbao came here in October 1997, ”he explained. He asks 100,000 euros to update the internal structure and to repair and replace all components. “

“It has become an icon of the museum and of Bilbao itself, and as such it must always look beautiful.” Guggenheim website. We hope to be able to keep puppies for conservation activities in the next 25 years.

The repair cost of around $ 119,000 may seem too high, but in the context of Koons’ other works. In 2019, his rabbit sculpture sold out at Christie’s auction house for over $ 91 million, making it the most widely auctioned work by a living artist. In 2013, his sculpture “Balloon Dog (Orange)” won $ 58,405,000 at Christie’s New York.

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Jeff Koons “puppy” needs a $ 119,000 image change

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