Just a Thought – Dumped puppy is in my care

Someone was an irresponsible dog owner and then made the final decision that illegal steps are a lot easier than doing the right thing. First, they did not have their bitch neutered. Second, they threw the pups away to make them a problem for others.

There are two types of pet owners when it comes to cat and dog overpopulation: those who insist on being part of the problem and those who consciously choose to be part of the solution. Which one are you?

Someone dumped puppies in the Midway area last weekend. Although I’ve heard of other reports, I know at least one. This puppy ended up with my niece. Your dog is not mean, but she is territorial. If the rescue hadn’t got home in time, the blood would have been on your hands.

The puppy was covered in fleas and ticks. Bless his little heart. I mean little because it’s a Chihuahua mix. My niece bathed it and they slowly and laboriously began removing ticks. My daughter went to help.

I knew if my daughter left the puppy would be at my home that evening. Zero doubts. As with my niece, her kind heart pounded. I received a confirmation message within an hour. They were on their way home and mom had to get ready.

It all happened on Sunday evening. The vet was called at 8 a.m. on Monday morning. They couldn’t bring him in until the Monday of the following week. I was allowed to come over and give him a de-wormer. Given the size of the puppy’s belly, the despicable person didn’t even have the decency to do so.

The vet estimated his age at 9 weeks, it was likely traumatized and he should be comfortable and able to recover. Check, check, check.

He didn’t like the traditional dog crate. It was too big. A couple of towels in a small, open-topped wooden box were just the thing. He loved it and leaves it only to eat, drink, play and follow me. He gets out of it several times every night to wake me up. When he sees my face, assured that I’m still there, he climbs back in and goes back to sleep.

I posted the plight of this little thing on my Facebook page. A real friend immediately contacted me. She had to have him.

“The puppy is free, but the wooden box costs $ 100. It doesn’t work without it and it’s my favorite box, ”I said jokingly.

The vet’s appointment is Monday and his first round of vaccinations. When he has given the all-clear, she comes to pick him up: box and everything, free of charge. It’s on me.

So who are you? Be part of the solution. Have your pets neutered or neutered. Spare another puppy the trauma they suffered.

Standard reporter Lisa Hobbs can be reached at 473-2191.

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