Kundapur: Thanks to a student, puppy gets new lease of life

Daijiworld Media Network – Kundapur (SP)

Kundapur, June 24th: A girl from the Taluk who picked up an injured puppy from the roadside, took good care of the animal and helped him get around by building a wheeled cart for it, has received recognition and admiration from animal lovers.

The student who saved the puppy from an impending disaster happens to be Priya, a student at the Moodlakatte engineering school. She comes from Hosangady in the Taluk.

Priya, who is tender hearted, saw that the puppy in question, who had somehow recovered from the accident, was unable to walk. She prepared a wheeled cart by developing her own technology, tying it to the cart with the help of a belt, and allowing it to move.

While traveling on Hosangady Road, she found that a three to four month old puppy was lying on the side of the road and had been the victim of an accident. She saw that the dog’s back legs were badly injured and that it had lost strength. Priya gave him something to eat and went home. The next morning she saw that the puppy had been crawling the whole time and had reached the gate of her house. She provided first aid and took care of the dog. The dog responded well to the grooming but was unable to move. The student who developed this equipment helped the puppy wherever he wanted.

Priya, who wanted to ensure that the dog could move independently, used two PVC pipes with bent pipes underneath the stomach and back. She also added two more belted pipes near the waist. Near the waist, on the pipe facing the floor, she drilled two holes and mounted wheels with the help of a screw nut. She tightened the belt in the neck and chest area and made sure that the dog’s hind leg was supported by the rear tube. After a few days of exercise, the dog is now moving around freely.

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