LETTER: Newmarket and area businesses step up to support service dog training

Even during a pandemic, companies helped raise nearly $ 2,000 to train Cable, a future service dog, the letter writer says

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Amanda and I can’t express how lucky we were to have so many local businesses support us last night with our fundraiser for Cable, the future service dog: $, 1920 raised! Many Thanks!!

It’s amazing how generous our small businesses are, especially during the pandemic. At times like these, we see the importance of community. Thank you to everyone who helped us with Cable’s journey.

Let’s pull together and show our small businesses how important they are to us. Shop locally when you can!

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Many thanks to:

Judy Brunton from CMHA Awareness, Cooper’s Farm, Pathways to Perennials, Pure Muskoka, The Nut Shoppe, Brainy Games, Harvey’s / Swiss Chalet at 1 Henderson Dr., Aurora, Goblets and Goblins in Newmarket, Wagz Wear Pet Equipment, Topper’s Pizza on Yonge in Aurora, The Arts Music Store in Newmarket, Ceramic Burnt Offerings, Vince’s Market in Newmarket, Amanda Robar (author) in Newmarket, The Market Brewing Company in Newmarket, Greylaur Goldens in Orillia and Barbara Bullock.

Thank you for helping fund the training of Cable, a future seizure response dog.

Melody Robar, Newmarket

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