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I learned from the Herald & Review that State Senator Jason Barickman of Bloomington voted against closings of puppy factories. He said it would be a hardship for pet store owners.

Of course I had to write this letter.

You are not my senator, but I want to explain why puppy mills need to be exterminated.

One of the most offensive areas for this is not far from Decatur.

For five years I looked after a puppy mill mother who was rescued from a raid. This dog has been in a small cage for 10 years just to breed puppies. The only times she was out of the cage were to rearing and to the vet.


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When I rescued her, she could barely walk. She had lost almost all of her teeth to malnutrition. She had no depth perception and could never climb stairs. I had to wear her up and down every time she went out.

It took her five years to socialize, make her comfortable around people, show appreciation, and how a dog would normally react. At this point there was no more help in her devastated body.

Yes, she turned 15, but what a terrible first 10 years.

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It is not only puppies that need protection, but also these bitches in slavery.

Breeders should of course be regulated. Regulating them is a challenge. First, ban the puppy mills and have reliable breeders sell to pet stores.

Your reasoning is short-sighted and inhuman. Please reconsider your opinion and fight for animal rights. The pet stores will survive and teach new pet owners to respect their animals.

Margaret Rothe, Decatur

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