Life Is Ruff, Maybe These Lazy Dog Breeds Are Onto Something

fongleon356 / Getty Because their crushed faces make breathing difficult, and pugs gasp, snort, and snore, consider investing in some earplugs when yours are sleeping nearby.

Don’t worry if you want to pick up the remote control after a busy day and browse the TV. There may still be a training partner for you. Who better to spot you when switching to a real crime documentary than your own dog detective? While some boisterous breeds are practically bouncing up and down with energy, lazy dog ​​breeds are happiest on your lap and may even have their own spot on the couch.

When a low energy dog ​​breed is faster, consider adopting a lazy dog ​​- these laconic lovers in particular can warm both your heart and your lap. Just don’t forget to make room for your new pooch!

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Under their signature grumpy grimaces, bulldogs are actually very good-natured to children and can make great pets for the family. Short and strong, it doesn’t take much to meet your exercise needs – a daily walk around the neighborhood is enough if the weather permits. Exhausting exercise, especially in hot weather, can be dangerous for the stocky breed.

“”[A] The wrinkled face – brachycephalic – makes these dogs prone to overheating, breathing problems, and poor stamina. [as well as] several health problems, “says Angelica Dimock, DVM, senior veterinarian at the Animal Humane Society in Minn.

The Bulldog Club of America recommends playing indoors on hot days or reserving outdoor activities for early morning or late night.

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Basset hound

The Basset Hound is known for its sensitive snoopers and has a knack for tracking scents. However, due to their low endurance, they also tend to be lazy. You wouldn’t have much energy left either if you had those long ears to lug around!

A keen sense of smell often means these dogs have minds of their own, so basic training may be slow. Stick with it and stay positive, and these lazy dogs will be happy to serve as pals for you.

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Neapolitan Mastiff Snow: Okikukai / Getty

Neapolitan mastiff

Why the long face? Dimock, a huge breed of dog, describes the Neapolitan Mastiff as an “active couch potato” who enjoys playtime and lots of activity at times, but prefers a quiet, relaxed lifestyle indoors. Weighing 150 pounds, these tall boys and girls may be intimidating to first parents, so experienced dog owners are best suited.

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Chow Chow

Although not very active in their daily lives, the Chow Chow has an active presence in history and is considered to be one of the oldest dog breeds in the world with ties to the Chinese Han Dynasty. With a fluffy fur coat and pronounced blue-black tongues, the chow chow resembles the bears and may have a slightly idiosyncratic side too. Their long, worthy history requires respect, and the chow chow certainly thinks they are worthy of one. Positive reinforcement training and early puppy socialization will help achieve desired behavior as your big, fluffy friend grows up.

Chows will most likely not be a lap bed or cozy couch potato like other dog breeds on the “lazy” list, but they still enjoy being around their people.

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Lhasa Apso

Looking for lazy dog ​​breeds that won’t shed? The Lhasa Apso’s long, lion-like curls can be your remedy for nasal congestion as it does not shed and has few flakes of skin. While walks or gentle play in the yard are usually the only exercise these small, low-energy dogs need, Dimock says they are hardly low-maintenance. These traditionally spoiled pups also have a legacy that goes back to Chinese kings, and their fur should be brushed daily – just like a lion, they need to groom their mane.

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

According to the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, “They are happy, sociable, affectionate little dogs who love you and want to be loved, run and play in a safe place, and sleep in a soft bed – preferably your bed, but they’re ready to negotiate on this point. “

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are naturally adorable, personable people who are ideal for families with children and other pets. They work well in apartments or pretty much any setting as long as you are around.

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German Mastiff

Did someone say Scooby Snack? Scooby Doo is a well-known Great Dane, but the two-dimensional cartoon doesn’t quite do justice to the size of this massive breed. At 32 inches (nearly 3 feet) tall and weighing up to 175 pounds, Dimock says this breed is another “active couch potato” that needs to strike a balance between adequate activity and nap time. This large puppy needs to straighten his long legs frequently, but is just as happy to doze off by your feet when the walk is over.

fongleon356 / Getty Because their crushed faces make breathing difficult, and pugs gasp, snort, and snore, consider investing in some earplugs when yours are sleeping nearby.


Similar to the bulldog, the pug is a brachycephalic dog breed whose flat face restricts its ability to breathe and thus its ability to move through no fault of its own. Often times, however, these comedic canines are playful and can put on a show for you looking for creative ways to burn off energy before going back into a nightcap with their signature snort.

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Japanese chin

For the cat lovers out there, the Japanese chin is coveted for its feline calm and serenity, the definition of a low-energy dog ​​breed. Like their kitty counterparts, the Japanese chin can frown on fun deals and is best suited for homes with mature owners.

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Great Pyrenees

Originally bred to protect sheep, the Great Pyrenees dogs are incredibly relaxed and patient pups. Just don’t confuse their low energy levels with a lack of work ethic, as they have been shown to watch over sheep at night. Hopefully some of that patience can affect their owners – their thick white coats, well-suited for winter weather, are prone to severe dandruff and require weekly brushing.

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slyncher00 / Getty Bullmastiffs are a brachycephalic dog (aka, they have an adorable smooth face) thanks to their Bulldog ancestry.

Great Dane

The massive mastiff’s body is growing so rapidly that excessive training at a young age is not recommended to avoid developing joint problems common to the breed. Thankfully, Mastiffs prefer their people’s presence on the couch during a snuggling session, and the breed requires little maintenance overall. The disadvantage of these larger-than-life companions on the lap side is a low life expectancy of only six years on average.

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The petite Pekingese seems to pay homage to the king of the jungle, despite weighing no more than 14 pounds. While they can’t have the same punch as the mighty Leo, they can be pretty fierce – in their love for you, that is. If you take a seat, make yourself comfortable because they will join you soon and stay for a while.

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Long-legged and fast greyhounds have a reputation for being quick racers, but they are not suitable for long distances or jogging. The best way to stimulate them is with daily walks or backyard chases. Because the greyhound is so fast, a fenced yard is recommended to keep him from falling after what he pleases.

“”[The greyhound] needs a lot of exercise, but then also takes a lot of naps, “says Dimock.” The owner must be aware that the dog will run and run when the dog leaves the yard or is on a leash. “

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