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Have you ever asked your parents to get you a puppy? And did you finally manage to convince them after you promised to take care of it and clean up afterwards? When you know how this feels, you will be referring to this excited little girl who just got a puppy as an early birthday present. A video posted on Reddit shows this lucky girl’s reaction and makes for a very cute watch.

“I’ve never been a dog person, but my daughter converted me,” read the caption shared with the video. It opens to show the girl running excitedly down the stairs while mom asks if she’s ready to see an early birthday present.

The girl then gets a box. As soon as she opens it, she screams and sees the puppy inside and excitedly picks it up. Check out the video below:

The Reddit user who posted the video mentioned in the comments that the clip was recorded back in September. They added that their daughter and the dog are now inseparable.

The video made many happy. The video was shared 16 hours ago and has over 6,600 upvotes and lots of comments.

“They will be inextricably linked,” commented one Reddit user. The OP replied, “That was in September and you are absolutely right.” “I laughed out loud when she did the ‘wiggle’ when she spotted the puppy. Such happiness and infectious laughter. A pleasure to see! “added another.

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