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As summer approaches, many people are starting to plan their first vacation since the COVID-19 pandemic began. This could mean it has been a while since they haven’t spent time with the family’s pets. If you’re like me you can have the dogs in tow for the family outings. But not all summer adventures are suitable for pets that go with you.

If so, where should the pets stay while the family is away?

Consider a dog daycare that also offers overnight stays.

There are several options in the greater New Orleans area. Many are not the usual boarding facilities. They typically offer day care, similar to child day care, in addition to overnight accommodation, and can include activities like pool time, group games, and snacks. Some offer grooming and spa services, special bedtime treats, private rooms, televisions, music, and more.

However, not all dog day care centers are created equal, so thorough research should be done in order to select the best one. Here are some tips to help you find the best spot for your pooch.

1. Ask for recommendations. Friends, family, and co-workers are the best sources for firsthand testimonials, and they can be a great resource to help narrow down your search.

2. Take a tour. See how the dogs are treated. Are the kennels spacious? Does the staff have anything to do with the animals? Can your pet spend the day on a test run to see how it goes?

3. Ask for references. Check out some current customers to get an idea of ​​how they feel about the place.

4. What are compulsory attendance? Do dogs have to be up to date with recordings and provide evidence? Do all pets need to be neutered or neutered?

5. Registered and insured? Make sure the company is fully covered in the unlikely event something happens while your dog is in their care.

6. How is socialization dealt with? In many daycare centers there are “large dog” rooms and “small dog” rooms in which animals of the same size are allowed to interact with each other. It is important to ask how the dogs are “tested” to ensure that group play is safe and fun for all pets. Are the pets always supervised?

7. How are the dogs housed? The size of the dog enclosure in the boarding school is important. The animal should have enough space to move around comfortably and not be confined in a small cage for long periods of time.

8. Level of human interaction? Positive human interaction results in an overall positive experience and makes day care a treat for pets.

9. Are the dogs trained? Regular exercise is important, so make sure that the outside of the daycare is safe and protected. If the dogs are being taken for a walk, ask where they are walking and whether they have safe leash logs.

10. How is the experience of the staff? Ask about employee screening and how the company finds the best dog handlers. When a group of dogs get together, anything is possible. Make sure staff have the skills and expertise to deal with any situation that may arise. Employee empathy is just as important.

11. How is security? Good day care should provide information on how to keep dogs safe from the public and how to keep a dog from running or running away. Pet safety is of the utmost importance. Some facilities have webcams that allow remote monitoring.

Leaving your pets in stranger’s care is a big decision, and a little research can go a long way towards ensuring they are in good hands and having some fun while you’re away.

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