Looking for puppy love? How to pick up dating tips from your dog

While the lockdown is being lifted, many singles are rushing online in hopes of finding a puppy love of their own.

The online dating world can feel like a ferocious beast at times, and it can all feel a little gruff to navigate what to do or not to do on a date.

As crazy as it may be, taking a few behavioral tips from our dogs can help things go smoothly – one of the best grooming, loyalty, and a playful side – dogs can teach us a thing or two about how not to do dog food of dating….


Do you know when your dog is coming back from the groomer? Do you smell fresh, freshly cut and look chic and squeaky clean? He or she looks at their best and you find them even more adorable than ever.

All you really want to do is shower her with hugs and kisses.

The same behavior extends to humans. When we look good, we feel good and that helps us appear relaxed and confident on a date. Not only does it show respect for yourself, but also respect for the person you’re on a date with – no one wants to date a scruffy stray.

Tail wagging

You know how do you know that your dog is super happy because his tail won’t stop wagging? When your dog’s tail is down, you know he’s sad and it makes you fearful too. When your dog is excited and full of fun, he is contagious and can easily absorb his energy and enthusiasm. Smiling has the same effect on humans. A warm smile can be so comforting, and an infectious laugh can help set the tone for a fun date. Everyone loves a playful puppy.


One thing Lockdown did for frustrated singles was forcing them to be super creative if they wanted to keep going out. No more dinner or drinks – it was walks in the rain, supermarket gatherings, and online chats. But when you think about it, when is one of your dog’s happiest times? Usually when he or she goes on an adventure and tries something new to fill their senses and keep them occupied. So, just because we can all get back to the pub now – how about you stick with creativity and suggest something super fictional for a date instead? Maybe they’ll try a pop-up art class together, partake in chocolate making, or enjoy a wine tasting. And forget about the idea that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks – no matter how old you are, if your date is a fun person, he is going to have something different.

Dogs love an adventure – and hunting sticks is just one type of adventure they enjoy


The problem with online dating (or not, depending on your point of view) is that there are lots of people vying for your attention and lots of faces and profiles passing by. But it’s worth noting that one of the things all owners love about their dogs is their loyalty. How many times have you heard the phrase, “You can’t beat a loyal dog?”

While it is easy to be put off by someone who is too needy, show respect by replying to messages, setting plans for a timely meeting, not canceling on a whim (or out of horror – with someone else going on a date) and staying respectfully busy with that person until you both figure out if a game is a happy place for everyone. And when you become an object – unless you have chosen to be in an open relationship – then it should be natural to remain loyal and loyal.

Dogs love one thing above all: food.

Dogs love one thing above all: food.

Dog eating Dog

What do dogs love besides walking, sleeping and lots of affection … yes, that’s right … FOOD.

And it’s a rare person who doesn’t love to eat something hearty.

A dinner date may be a bit intense for a first date, but as things progress, a dinner date always feels like a treat, and it is just as enjoyable to cook a meal for a date – maybe to get ready for dinner thank you.

A shared love of food can be a unifying element, and when you add candles, music, soft lights, and alcohol there is plenty of room for romance.

Be protective

You know how dogs bark, growl, and bar teeth when their owner is in danger? Because of this, people have guard dogs to keep their homes safe from burglars and the like. Many women love for a man to display some protective qualities on a date – making sure they get home safely is a big deal. Any woman worth her money couldn’t stand a man jumping into a taxi and leaving her alone on the sidewalk waiting for a taxi at night.

In the same way, men like to think that the lady on her arm would always stand up for them if the situation came up. A bit like the loyalty aspect – it shows that you have each other’s backs free.

Have fun dating!

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