Lytton wildfire survivor relieved firefighters find her puppies, sheep, alpaca alive

LYTTON (NEWS 1130) – A couple near Lytton, whose home was completely destroyed by the massive forest fire last week, were a little relieved when firefighters managed to find their animals.

On Wednesday, Tricia Thorpe and her husband were called to bring some victims out of Lytton, but when the couple tried to return to their home about two miles away, the fire department turned them away.

“I couldn’t go back down into the valley because they said the fire was coming towards me.”

The two then turned to find another way out of the flames, but “we had no hope”.

“We literally walked with the clothes on our backs. My husband didn’t even have his wallet. We didn’t have time to prepare anything. We never imagined what would happen, ”Thorpe told NEWS 1130, adding that they had to leave several animals behind.

The next day Thorpe and her husband learned that their property, which included their house and barn, had been destroyed. They also heard that none of the animals could be found.

A heartwarming scene in Lytton where firefighters found some of the animals that survived the fire. Jamie Von S writes that this one estate had adult dogs and 7 puppies – all okay, given clean water and puppy food. Sheep and alpacas on site are good too. @ NEWS1130

– Tarnjit Kaur Parmar (@Tarnjitkparmar) July 4, 2021

However, on a trip to the re-evacuation from Lillooet to the Kelowna Evacuation Center, we received the most miraculous phone call saying that some of our animals have survived.

“Our niece’s husband stayed – they are across the street and a little way from us – … to protect their house. He went over and saw five or six puppies, a couple of adult dogs, and he saw a couple of sheep and an alpaca. “

When he heard that some of their animals survived, Thorpe says, “I lost it. And I just cried and cried. “

“So we tried to offer some services for the animals at every place we stopped,” she says.

However, attempting to transport their animals out of the area was another challenge in itself.

“I heard from my niece’s husband that a composting facility in the valley was entered with a police escort and three supporters to get their animals out. And so I thought, ‘Yay, I can get her out.’

“So I talked to you [a] Volunteer group, and they said, ‘Yes, we are on standby, but we have been trying to deal with the TNRD [Thompson-Nicola Regional District] and don’t they really react? ‘”

On the subject of matching items:

Thorpe tried to call her and said she had been told, “We can’t get her out because we’re not a commercial establishment.”

“I don’t understand how a full-fledged commercial facility right past our house further down the valley can go closer to the active fire, get their animals out and we can’t even bring food into ours,” she says.

“I’m devastated that my niece’s husband across the street managed to get the dogs some puppy food, but he didn’t have anything to feed the sheep and alpacas. And they hadn’t been fed since Wednesday … since the fire was through. And I was really worried. I know they had water but no food. “

So Thorpe reached out to Facebook to share her story.

And not long after that, the fire fighters could be on site.

“They found it wasn’t five or six puppies, but seven. And they brought them food. They brought some alfalfa pellets to my sheep and alpaca. I am just so grateful to them. You’ve done so much, ”Thorpe told NEWS 1130.

“There are so many people in this church who have lost everything. And they all gathered to help us and the fire department. “

Two pups of a nine-headed litter died along with an adult guard dog, Thorpe’s dog, their six goats, four to five sheep, all of their chickens, guinea fowl and peacocks.

“It’s devastating.”

Thorpe is now trying to get to her animals, but since she is not part of a commercial establishment, she cannot come to the premises to get her animals, which leaves her frustrated.

Firefighters are trying to find ways to reunite owners with their pets.

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As of Sunday, the wildfire in Lytton had burned 8,732 acres and forced evacuation of the entire village. The BC Coroners Service has confirmed that two people have been found dead in the village.

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