Make-A-Wish Surprises Wellington Girl With A Puppy

Sophia Lago with her new Pomeranian puppy Winnie.

Eight-year-old Wellington resident Sophia Lago was granted her wish for a Pomeranian puppy on Sunday May 30th by Make-A-Wish Southern Florida.

Lago has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a genetic condition that causes muscles to degenerate and become weak. As a dog lover, she always wanted a puppy to look after her, but feared that given her condition, it would be too heavy to lift. When she first saw a Pomeranian, she knew it could be an eternal friend for her. The three pound puppy was provided by Puppy Spot.

Lago recently emigrated from Brazil and is learning English. He was struggling to make friends and was excited to be the “mother” of a special companion. She knew that her wish would come true, but had no idea when and couldn’t believe that she could bring Winnie home after the wish delivery was completed.

Make-A-Wish South Florida has granted nearly 13,000 life-changing wishes for critically ill children since 1983. She wants to make a wish come true for every child who is medically entitled in her field and understands that wishes are not only beautiful, but are necessary for children and families in difficult phases of life.

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