Mayor Defends Reallocating Police Funds | Missouri’s Puppy Mills | KCUR 89.3

Segment 1, starting at 1:08 a.m .: A Jackson County judge is postponing a hearing on the Board of Police Commissioners’ lawsuit against the city in order to regain control of the money.

The ordinances passed by the city council would create a community service and prevention fund that the city and the police chief can manage, as well as adding $ 3 million for a class of police recruits. Mayor Lucas said the measures are intended to ensure transparency and that police department programs that interest Kansas Citians continue to receive funding.

Segment 2, starting at 29:55 p.m .: For the ninth year in a row, the state of Missouri has the worst puppy factories in America.

That comes from a report by the Humane Society of the United States. A voting initiative in Missouri in 2010 was approved to impose restrictions on puppy factories and their practices. Even so, the Missouri Legislature repealed several of the measures in a separate bill that was passed in the following legislature.

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