! Murcia Today – Fraudsters In Andalusia Conned Animal Lovers Through Fake Puppy Adoptions All Over Spain

Date of publication: 07/09/2021

Two Sevillians posed as managers of a non-existent animal shelter in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz) and hunted the hearts of animal lovers in order to induce them to hand over the money.

A 30-year-old woman and a 42-year-old man from Seville were arrested on suspected identity theft and fraud after police in Jerez de la Frontera discovered they had started a puppy adoption scam.

In total, they are said to have received more than 2,700 euros from 27 victims in different parts of Spain who thought they would send funds to cover the cost of adopting a new pet that never arrived.

The two, who both had extensive criminal records for fraud, pretended to run a charity shelter in Jerez de la Frontera using the personal details of a victim of a previous scam who had absolutely no idea what was going on and reported to State Police.

They came up with a name, Protecta Vida Animal, a logo, and even an address in a familiar place in Jerez, then advertised on buying and selling websites, and posting pictures of cute puppies that they said needed good homes .

When victims came forward to adopt a puppy, they were asked to transfer 100 or 200 euros via bank transfer to cover administration and adoption costs, but after paying they never heard from the shelter again.

Jerez Police are currently trying to contact everyone who fell for the scam and so far have found victims in Seville, Cordoba, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Ciudad Real, Valladolid, Elche, Alicante and Cartagena, including an unfortunate cancer patient with depression whose psychologist suggested that she adopt a puppy to cheer her up.

Unfortunately, while the National Police have emphasized that there are many excellent animal shelters and associations all over Spain doing priceless work, there are also shameless criminals who have no qualms about taking advantage of kind, generous citizens.

Therefore, they recommend that those interested in pet adoption contact a reputable animal shelter and ensure that it is properly registered, especially before entering into any type of financial exchange.

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