My puppy hates my new boyfriend 

I got a bitch last summer and she got used to the fact that I have been alone in the house since last year. Now when my new friend comes around, the dog is very protective and becomes desperate when we have sex. What can we do?

Your friend and pup need to make friends. The reason little Fido is desperate is because your boyfriend is a stranger and when the two of you get intimate she doesn’t know if your boyfriend is being nice or angry with you. Dogs are very protective of the people who look after them, and they are also very attention-grabbing so they don’t always like someone to divert their owner’s attention away from them.

Introducing your friend and puppy to each other and getting them used to being treated by your friend will reduce their suffering. If you can get her to feel calm around him, she will stop focusing on him and guarding you. At this point, it might be enough to distract her with treats and toys during sex.

If you’ve crated them out, they might be bothered putting surprises in their bed for a long time, but if your pooch has been sleeping in your bed since day one, things get more complicated. Dogs are territorial and if your friend is in a room that your pup perceives to be theirs and he’s doing something your dog doesn’t understand, he could become aggressive.

While it is tempting to just lock your pet in front of the door, in my experience it will only make them whine and scratch at it. I’m not an expert on canine neuroscience, but I suspect adjusting exposure therapy would help.

Sex is a unique sensory experience, and in order to desensitize your puppy to the sounds, smells, and movements, you need to gradually expose him to it so he can get used to it.

If you and your friend cuddle and kiss regularly, your pup will want to get involved at first to keep you safe. When that happens, stop what you are doing, acknowledge her and let her know that you are fine. If you do this every time she whines or tries to get between you, she’ll eventually get bored.

If you haven’t done puppy training before, be sure to register them. Trainers regularly hold puppy parties to teach owners and their pups how to behave, and while they don’t cover the topic of sex, they do offer the chance to meet locals who have dogs of a similar age. One benefit of this is that you can organize puppy play dates – and better yet, overnight stays.

You definitely won’t be the only couple having these lockdown pet issues, so creating a community of puppy parents is a great way for anyone to get a little bit free. It is not negligent. People with young children do it all the time. If they didn’t, no one would ever have a second baby. And of course that is the other solution. Buy a second dog to keep your dog company and they’ll be too busy playing with each other to bother you. I have three miniature poodles. I just say ‘.

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