New dog breeds vie for Best In Show

Dog handlers demonstrated four new breeds that will be competing in this year’s Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on Tuesday. The breeds are Barbet, Biewer Terrier, Belgian Laekenois, and Dogo Argentino. (8th June)

Video transcript

GAIL MILLER TO date: This is the first time in 145 years that the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show has taken place outside of Manhattan. So it’s historical. But if you need to go outside, which we had to do because of the pandemic, this is the place. Lyndhurst Estate has hosted dog shows for 30 years.

So new for 2021 we have four races that join four different groups. We have the Dogo Argentino, an all white, athletic, powerful working dog. And then we have the Beaver Terrier, which is a little misleading because it belongs to the toy group. But it’s a long-haired dog that resembles a Yorkshire Terrier in outline, but it’s a completely different breed. Nice coat. Often times they have a lot of white and then the really dark mahogany markings that just stand out.

Then there is the Belgian Laekenois who joins the herd group. They have a very coarse, disheveled appearance. And that’s based on where they were originally bred to tend sheep and other livestock. And the last one is of course the Barbet, a very old, water fetching breed from France. And has a curly coat and is known for his beard, barb in barbet means beard. And that is one of the characteristics of the breed.

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