New dog care centre planned for Carlisle’s Willowholme Industrial Estate

Plans for a new dog grooming center in Willowholme have been submitted to Carlisle City Council.

In a vision by Top Dog candidate David McKenna, plans were outlined for the center in Unit 11 at Willowholme Industrial Estate.

According to the current schedule, the center is open Monday to Saturday from 7.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

In the planning documents, the applicant stated that the center can look after “a fixed number of dogs at the same time” until approval and that these are divided into “smaller groups with individual carers with a focus on exercise, play and socializing”. .

They also note, “The structured activities will keep the dogs busy to avoid boredom and reduce the likelihood that prolonged barking will result in nuisance.

“There will be a rest area for dogs who need a break between activities. This smaller section will also facilitate the entry of new dogs into day care in smaller controlled groups. ”

The applicant added, “A designated isolation area will be available for dogs showing signs of malaise until the assessment is complete or for dogs showing severe overexcitation and needing time off.”

Mr. McKenna also added his dedication to ensuring that the center makes a valuable contribution to the wider community.

He says: “We will live a culture of continuous personal development in order to build a confident, competent and empathetic team.

“All dogs will have a vaccination history reviewed prior to admission and an induction assessment prior to admission to the daycare to ensure we continue to provide a safe environment for dogs and staff.”

The center will also result in the creation of a total of five jobs, including three full-time and two part-time jobs, with that number continuing to grow and with the potential to offer internships for local educational institutions, state plans.

In summary, the applicant said: “We believe that this development offers a much-needed service, creates jobs and is a positive asset for the area.”

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