New dog grooming business set for garage of north Lancashire home

A new dog grooming business opens in Bolton-le-Sands.

Francesca Frew has applied for the garage in her Mill Lane home to be converted into a business park so that she can provide a service that “benefits” the local community and the “good of the dogs in the village”.

The garage is currently used as storage space in Miss Frew’s house and a building application to Lancaster City Council shows she hopes to remodel the space so that she can start her own business.

Plans call for the garage to be soundproofed and for a new water supply to be installed. New doors and windows are also being installed.

In her application, Francesca Frew says: “I want to build my own business, which will be my main source of income and really help me financially.

“I also feel that the community will benefit from my business and contribute to the welfare of the dogs in the village. The size of the building remains the same and is soundproofed.

“All dogs are kept under control. There will be a one-in-one system with the dogs, with around three dogs being groomed every day.

“I would pick up and drop off some of the dogs to minimize traffic in my home.”

The plans will be decided after a public consultation.

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