New dog grooming parlour and Co-op revamp amongst planning applications in Gedling borough this week

A new dog grooming parlor is one of the building applications that were submitted throughout the Gedling district this week

Dozens of building applications are submitted to the council every week – and the coronavirus pandemic has not changed that.

Here is the list of applications that were submitted and validated by the Gedling City Council last week.

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Proposed new 3 bed apartment in the country side off 111 Sandfield Road accessible from Churchill Close.
111 Sandfield Road Arnold NG5 6QF
Item No. No: 2021/0386

Rear extension to an existing apartment, which is used in conjunction with the apartment as an extension of an existing room.
7 Wachtelkönig drive Arnold NG5 6SP
Item No. No: 2021/0242


Change of use of the riding stables to the dog salon.
Broad Valley Farm Park Road Bestwood Nottinghamshire NG6 8UG
Item No. No: 2021/0579

Burton Joyce

Change to edition 2 of the building permit 2020/0181 (materials) (demolition of the existing winter garden and shed and construction of a two-storey side extension and a single-storey flat roof rear extension).
20 Trent Lane Burton Joyce Nottinghamshire NG14 5EY
Item No. No: 2021/0676

Two-storey rear extension with interior fittings and shed demolition with new shed (resubmission with gable roof instead of hipped roof)
25-27 Calverton Road Arnold NG5 8FF
Item No. No: 2021/0590

Rear pull-out on the ground floor and first floor
129 Main Street Burton Joyce NG14 5EG
Item No. No: 2021/0585

Change of shop front; new system to replace the existing one in the backyard on level ground; new key clamp rails to cordon off the factory area; new 2.4 m high steel post fence and gates to the service courtyard with tightly paneled wooden decor; new external LED lighting to replace existing and new Amazon lockers with bollards
Coop 36 Main Street Burton Joyce Nottinghamshire NG14 5DZ
Item No. No: 2021/0571

Demolition of an existing single-family garage and construction of a single-family house
104 Church Road Burton Joyce NG14 5DQ
Item No. No: 2021/0550


Preservation of the outbuilding in timber frame construction with a slate roof.
287 Main Street Calverton NG14 6LT
Item No. No: 2021/0623

Convert the flat roof to the gable and erect the porch
160 Mansfield Lane Calverton NG14 6HN
Item No. No: 2021/0628

Single storey front extension
4 Broadfields Calverton Nottinghamshire NG14 6JP
Item No. No: 2021 / 0441NMA


One-storey side / rear extension.
77 Fraser Road Carlton NG4 1NP
Item No. No: 2021/0625


One-story rear extension
11 Manor Crescent Carlton NG4 3BA
Item No. No: 2021/0216


Construction of a one-story entrance portal to the side, a one-story garden room to the rear and conversion of the garage into a living room.
2 Chaworth Close Linby NG15 8JP
Item No. No: 2021/0501

Raven head

Proposed double detached garage.
7 Quarry close Ravenshead Nottinghamshire NG15 9AQ
Item No. No: 2021/0635

Detached garage
22B Kighill Lane Ravenshead NG15 9HN
Item No. No: 2021/0594

Red hill

Expansion of the front dormer, loft expansion at the rear, garage expansion to the side
53 Redhill Lodge Drive Redhill NG5 8JH
Item No. No: 2021/0638


Two-storey side extension, single-storey rear extension and attic extension with dormer to the rear
19 Buckingham Road Woodthorpe NG5 4GE
Item No. No: 2021/0601

Pergola with a hip roof
13 Patterdale Road Woodthorpe Nottinghamshire NG5 4LF
Item No. No: 2021/0642


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