New dog training facility opens

SANTA MARIA – Santa Barbara Humane has opened its Confident Canine School of Behavior in a new training facility in Santa Maria.

The dog training program aims to strengthen the bond between dog and owner and to address behavioral problems. The training is led by five humane certified dog trainers and includes three courses geared towards specific behavioral needs.

The Reserved Rover class works with dogs to build confidence and reduce anxiety. the Reactive Rover course helps build coping skills and improve behavior when anxiety triggers are present; and the Refined Rover class focuses on basic obedience and manners. In addition to these courses, individual training courses are also offered.

The new Santa Maria training facility is located at 1517 Stowell Center Plaza, Suite B. With this new facility, Santa Barbara Humane officials are excited to accommodate larger classes and more animals in a larger space.

“We are very excited about this new space,” said Dori Villalon, Santa Barbara Humane’s chief operations officer. “When we started planning this new training program, it became clear that there was simply not enough space on the Santa Maria campus. This new facility has enabled Santa Barbara Humane to offer the Confident Canine School of Behavior as a tool for dog owners in Santa Maria. “

Confident Canine School of Behavior courses are now offered in Santa Maria and Santa Barbara. More information about the courses can be found at

– Madison brain iron

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