New dog training facility to be opened along Southsea Seafront this summer

A new gated dog training area will soon open on Southsea Common, following suggestions made to the council by residents and dog walkers.

The training ground, which will be set up over the next few weeks, will run between Pembroke Road and Pier Road in Southsea, with lots of dog droppings and trash cans and four-foot-high railings with guarded access points.

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The construction of the plant takes about three weeks

It is designed to provide a safe place for dogs that cannot be safely let off the leash in open areas.

Councilor Ben Dowling, Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Leisure and Economic Development, said, “Southsea Common is a great place for well behaved dogs to stretch their legs and explore on and off the leash.

“However, an enclosed area is something dog owners have told us that would be a helpful addition. This space offers dog walkers the opportunity to exercise, exercise, and let their pets free in an area with clear boundaries, protected from the streets and away from people relaxing or picnicking in the community property.

“As always, we ask everyone who uses this area to ensure that they are responsible for their dogs and that they collect their pets so that the space remains safe and clean for others to enjoy.”

The new dog training area will be 1,600 m² and, as with other dog exercise areas in Portsmouth, owners are responsible for their dogs and must show consideration for other people and pets who use the space.

Seasonal changes have meant that dog restrictions have recently come into effect on parts of the beach promenade.

Dogs are not currently allowed on the hotwalls beach or in the area between Southsea Castle and the Royal Marines statue on Eastney Esplanade.

This is to keep the beaches clean and safe for beach goers during the busy summer months, the council says.

Work on the new dog training area began on Monday, July 5th, and the project should be completed in three weeks.

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