Nine dog breeds most at risk from heatwave with pet owners urgently warned

Nine dog breeds at higher risk of heat stroke in heatwave have been revealed by experts.

Dog owners are encouraged to exercise caution with the rising temperatures.

Vets and the RSPCA have warned pet owners, telling them not to walk dogs in the heat.

When the next heatwave after this ends – according to the Met Office

The reason for this is that dogs can have a tough life in hot weather, with a higher risk of heart failure and serious injury or even death.

Purebred dogs have twice the risk of crossbreeding – and experts say the nine most endangered dog breeds are different.

Chow chow dogs are 17 times more likely to lead, followed by bulldogs 14 times more likely to experience heat stroke.

French bullogs and mastiffs complete the top 5 with greyhounds, followed by King Charles Spaniels, Pugs, English Springer Spaniels, and then Golden Retrievers.

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Animal emergency service Vets Now also warned that rising temperatures could increase the risk of heat stroke in dogs.

The veterinary service sees an increase in 911 calls as the weather warms up and has warned that temperatures above 20 ° C are dangerous for dogs and that the survival rate for dogs with heat stroke is only 50%.

The warnings come after a week of flash floods in south-east England that caused traffic disruptions in London.

A devastated pet owner spoke out this week, saying her French bulldog tragically died after taking a short walk – although she showed no signs of illness after the walk was over.

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