Nintendogs Speedrun Foiled By Very Disobedient Puppy

A Summer Games Done Fast Speedrunner prepares to play Nintendogs with her virtual puppy. Korone may look like a good dog, but evil lies in those dead black eyes. Screenshot: Nintendo / SGDQ

Meet Korone, the worst possible Nintendog and an all-round bad boy. At the Summer Games Done Quick yesterday, the medal run went well for Nintendog’s speedrunner ZooKetra in the early morning until this irritable black lab puppy refused to be led through an easy obstacle course.

Before Korone’s disobedience to dogs, everything went according to plan. ZooKetra and its commentator, Nintendog’s speedrunner Mook, were in a good mood at 5:30 a.m. on a Monday morning. ZooKetra chose a Labrador because the breed is said to run, jump and do tricks well. During a brief meeting with pets and basic training, ZooKetra shows us some of Nintendog’s speed running tricks, such as using words that are easier for the game to understand, instead of commands like “sit” and “stay” or pulling the Leash makes the dog faster when walking, even if it looks like cruelty to animals.

ZooKetra was finally ready for the agility competition. As long as Korone didn’t miss more than one jump on the obstacle course, the gold medal was theirs. To his credit, Korone never missed a jump. Instead, he got stuck in a tunnel.

ZooKetra was unable to lure corons through the tunnel, an obstacle that is usually nothing more than a formality. The little black puppy only half stepped inside, then stopped and refused to scurry any further. Every now and then a virtual puppy gets stuck for a moment, costing runners a second or two of precious time, but Korone flatly refused to go through, forcing ZooKetra to restart the game and try again on a new course. Korone, the worst Nintendog ever, got stuck again.

An SGDQ speedrunner sticks his Nintendog in an agility test tube, which almost never happens. Just go through the tube, you little monster! Screenshot: Nintendo / SGDQ

A Nintendog that gets completely stuck in a tunnel is not uncommon. As the ZooKetra commentator put it, “I’ve played an ungodly amount of this game, such a disgusting amount, and rightly I’ve never seen it.” That it happened twice in a single speed run? It’s called “marathon luck,” something that doesn’t happen unless a few thousand people are watching you live.

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After another reboot, ZooKetra decided to lead Korone through the other two competitions, obedience and frisbee catching, before trying the agility class again at 4:00 p.m. Perhaps the Frisbee victory taught Korone not to fear circular things. Maybe the obedience run taught the pup an important lesson about listening, dammit. Anyway, the third time was the attraction for Korone and ZooKetra.

A very angry Nintendog presses his little paws against the screen. It doesn’t get him to sleep if he’s never really awake. Screenshot: Nintendo / SGDQ

ZooKetra’s last time for the run was 16 minutes and 56 seconds, a very good time despite various setbacks. But the real reward was being able to wipe out Korone by clearing the save game once the run was over. You were a bad, bad dog, Korone, and you mustn’t miss yourself.

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