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The video shows Copley, a beautiful golden retriever puppy.

PUBLISHED JUNE 14, 2021 IS 8:53 PM

Are you the type of pet parent who can’t stop recording your furbaby’s every move? Do you pull out your phone or camera every time your doll yawns, plays with a random item around the house, or sleeps in a strange but adorable pose? If the answer is yes, you need to watch this video. It shows a puppy expressing his unwillingness to be filmed without his “paw permission”.

This video will be posted on an Instagram page called ‘copleythegoldenboy’. As the name suggests, the site features the gadgets of Copley, a beautiful golden retriever dog. The video is a look back from Copley’s puppy days and shows him fighting with an aluminum bowl. What makes the video hilarious is how he reacts when he realizes he’s being filmed.

“Sometimes you have to let the paparazzi know when enough is enough! Filming is only allowed with my permission! Watch this quick #tbt video until the end! ”Reads the caption shared with the video.

Check out the following clip:

The video, which was shared on June 10th, garnered nearly 4,000 views – and counting. The comments section has several positive responses to Copley’s actions.

“How adorable,” said an Instagram user. “Such a doll baby,” wrote another. “The cutest little fluff ball,” responded a third.

What do you think of this video Did it make you smile?

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