Northwoods League: Disastrous first inning dooms Loggers in loss to Mud Puppies | Loggers

Minnesota Mud Puppies ‘Mason Nadolney slides into second base before La Crosse Loggers’ Payton Eeles can put the tag on during Thursday’s ninth innings of the game at Copeland Park.

Eric Lee

The top of the first inning got worse and worse for the La Crosse Loggers without the visiting Minnesota Mud Puppies even swinging their clubs.

After getting Kyle Huckstorf to start the game, Loggers starting pitcher Corey Jackson went five pitches with Max Gamm and met William Sturek on the first pitch of the next at-bat.

Jackson then beat Jakob Kouneski to load the bases, and his control did not improve against the following batter.

The right-handed hit Will Oberg who took a run, then Ben Palmer gave out a step who scored another hit.

That was just the start of a disastrous seven-run first inning that saw La Crosse lose 12-4 at Copeland Park on Thursday night.

It was a stark contrast to the Loggers 5-4 win over the Mud Puppies on Wednesday night, with the pitching team largely in control of the zone, and was certainly an uncharacteristic foray by Jackson.

The pitcher from Bellevue University (Neb.) Was the NSAA Pitcher of the Year and led the NAIA with 176 strikeouts in 18 games.

But just a day after arriving at La Crosse, Jackson allowed seven runs with just two hits while hitting four batters and running two more.

“I’m sure after the second man he met, he’ll probably think, ‘What in the world is going on? That’s not me. What is broken?’ Something like that, ”said Loggers manager Brian Lewis, whose team dropped to 1-3. “But he’s a great thrower. He will be back under his belt in a few days and I am sure he will be fine. “

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