Offset Gifts Kulture An Adorable New Puppy

Did someone say cuteness overload?

To be the child of a member of Hollywood’s elite means having the most exciting childhood. While many A-listers try to keep their little one’s experience as down to earth as possible, there is usually no limit to how much famous parents will make sure their little ones have fun.

At the age of two, Kulture Kiari Cephus had already led a life that many people dream of. On her 2nd birthday last year, Cardi B & Offset had a big party for the toddler and gave her a pink Birkin bag at the end of the party. The couple ignored criticism as to why they would give the boy a bag worth over $ 40,000 and still continued to spend a lot of money on her. Cultural latest gift from her parents is perhaps the cutest ever: an adorable new puppy.

Rich Fury / Getty Images for Def Jam recordings

The “Up” artist shared the footage from Offset on Friday (May 28th) with her Instagram story, showcasing an adorable brown puppy to Kulture. Kulture hugged Kulture and the puppy in his hands, and his smile immediately brightened when he offered her the puppy.

“Daddy got you a puppy! What are you going to call him?” Cardi asks culture. Another small child can be heard in the background saying, “Periodt, periodt boo boo.”

“Ooo, you have to be careful with that dog right there. Oh, oo. Wait,” says Cardi, while Kulture is clutching the puppy a little too tight. You can then hear the boy repeating their mother and warning: “You have to be careful.”

Of the many luxurious gifts Kulture has received from her parents, this is perhaps the little one’s favorite.

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