Oklahoma County deputies, rescue organization save puppies from horrible conditions

OKLAHOMA COUNTY, Oklahoma (KFOR) – Nine puppies have new lives after being rescued by Oklahoma County MPs and a local animal rescue service.

Oklahoma County’s deputy sheriff, Leonard Hills, was called to an Oklahoma County RV to look after some of the county’s youngest residents.

Hills says he learned of nine puppies and a dog living in a motor home in appalling conditions.

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When he arrived, he found that the 4 week old pups were living in the trailer with no food or water in the summer heat.

“I am a dog lover. I own a dog and I know there are a lot of animal lovers out there so I knew I had to do something along with my partner who was out there that night, ”Hills said. “No animal deserves to be in such pain or distress.”

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He immediately called Street Dog Rescue and Recovery to rescue the pups.

“It was pretty daunting what we saw when we got there. They were very thin, they were very sick. Most of them couldn’t even shut their mouths, ”said Alyssa Southard of Street Dog Rescue & Recovery. “When dogs are overheated, they often keep their mouths open. But when you add that these pups were emaciated and dehydrated when they were only 4 weeks old, it was heartbreaking. “

Mitzi Brogdon of Street Dog Rescue and Recovery says this was the worst case of animal neglect she has ever experienced.

“You looked dead. They lay in a playpen, flies buzzed around them, their mouths open. They didn’t even move. I honestly thought some of them were already dead, ”Brogdon said.

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Unfortunately, two puppies died before the rescuers arrived at the scene.

The pups that survived were extremely thin but had big bellies because they had worms.

The rescue says the pups are now being given medication, special foods, and dewormed.

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