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PLANTATION, FLA. (WSVN) – A South Florida woman said three people who are no strangers to her family betrayed their trust when they stole two of her Maltipoo puppies from their home.

A surveillance video showed the pups barking frantically when they were removed from their home on Northwest Fourth Street and 73rd Avenue in Plantation Thursday.

The dog’s owner, who asked not to be identified or to show her face on camera, said the thieves were her daughter’s friends.

The owner said the perpetrators helped her husband get into the house after his dialysis treatment.

“He let her into the house. They went to distract my husband and brought him into the room while the other went to the dog cage to get the dogs out of the cage with the friend, ”she said.

The owner said the duo pushed her husband, who was in a wheelchair, into a room.

Home surveillance footage shows one of the thieves opening the cage and removing two of the family’s four pups.

“These are newborn pups, and if someone just comes in and steals the pups, mm-mmm, I have a problem with that,” she said.

The owner said her husband spoke to the thieves who said they would bring her back, but they never showed up. She filed a police report with the Plantation Police.

“They kept saying they would bring the pups back. They called at 12pm yesterday and said they would bring the pups back at 1am. They never showed up, ”she said. “Then they said they would be here in another hour. They never showed up. Then they said they were in Tampa so I don’t know and then they post things on IG that they are on the run with the pups and you know.

Now this heartbroken pet owner is hoping she will bring her three week old Maltipoo puppies back safe and sound and she has a message for them if they don’t.

“I’ll file a complaint and I’ll take it further,” she said.

The owner said her other two pups were a little scared after the incident, but they are fine.

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