Pandemic puppies gone wild

The United States Postal Service has a new request: Please keep your pandemic puppies on a leash.

A new report released this week by the agency, which happens to be National Dog Bite Awareness Week, found that more than 5,800 postal workers were bitten by dogs during delivery trips last year. The message of the report was simple: any dog, no matter how friendly or well-behaved, can become aggressive.

After all, these are animals.

“From nipples and bites to vicious attacks, aggressive dog behavior poses a serious threat to postal workers and the public,” the USPS said.

The postal service also shared the cities and states with the most dog attacks. Houston topped the list of cities, with Chicago and Los Angeles not far behind.

However, what qualifies as a dog attack is unclear. A USPS public relations representative said the agency regards an unwelcome encounter with a dog as an attack if a postal worker files an infringement lawsuit or simply tells his advisor that he has been attacked. And just because an employee says they’ve been attacked doesn’t mean they’ve been bitten or even chased. An “attack” can be as harmless as a dog barking at the door while its owner answers.

What you considered your companion to get you through the stay-at-home commands is nonetheless a descendant of a wolf. Territorial instincts are burned into Fido’s DNA, making it dangerous for strangers to show up on your doorstep.

The Postal Service said it had introduced some new guidelines to help its staff avoid pets they consider dangerous. Postmen are now able to use their hand scanners to locate the location of an aggressive dog along their delivery route.

So if you’re desperate for your latest issue of Vogue or that new pair of Jimmy Choos, keep your dog at bay. You never know what Fido could do.

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