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A Penticton man was traumatized and paid a large vet bill after he said his nine-week-old puppy was attacked by a large dog near Peach on Okanagan Lake on July 7.

Around 9:15 p.m. Gurik Manshahia was walking along the Penticton promenade with his puppy on a leash with his girlfriend Shanta Borrego when an alleged mastiff bull attacked his Great Pyrenees named Sheru.

The attack was so violent, says friend Shanta Borrego, who was present at the incident, that the puppy suffered from multiple skull fractures and a broken nose as well as severe swelling.

“He’s a friendly, lovable puppy,” says Borrego, devastated for her friend and the puppy. The puppy is currently in intensive care at Canada West Veterinary Hospital in Vancouver. At one point it was not known whether Sheru would survive.

The owner of the big dog gave her first name and phone number, but never answered calls from Borrego, Manshahia, or the vet who looked after Sheru.

“We hope the swelling will go down, but he’s been in the hospital for four nights. Gurik and his family want to provide Sheru with the best possible care, but unfortunately the cost is high. You’ve already paid $ 10,000 and you can’t give him the care he needs, ”she said.

Borrego created a GoFundMe to help with future costs. “Everything works,” she said.

If you’d like to donate directly to the vet who cares for Sheru, you can call Canada West Veterinary at 604-473-4882 and say you want to donate money for Sheru and Gurik Manshahia.

You can find the Gofundme online here.

This came after a Keremeos couple’s beloved Scottish Terrier was beaten to death while leading their pup on a leash around his neighborhood.

In this case, a large breed dog fell out of its property and viciously killed the medium-sized dog.

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