Pet Talk Tuesday – Adoption vs. purchasing a pet and getting a puppy vs. an older pet

Dr. Lucas Kandefer talks about adoption vs. buying a pet and getting a puppy or an older pet. He says there are many factors involved in choosing a pet. Many people have had new pets during the pandemic and unfortunately some have bitten off more than they can chew. Dr. Kandefer says that a lot of people want a puppy, they love the idea of ​​a puppy, but a puppy is a lot of work. There’s a lot of exercise, a lot of time, they won’t let you sleep, they want to eat when they want, there are potty training issues, and there are many things we need to consider to make sure we can take care of you appropriately to them and this is the right pet for you. Dr. Kandefer says depending on your exercise level and fitness, and what you want to do with your life, sometimes we choose a pet that isn’t suitable for us because we want to hang out on the couch and there are pets that hang out happily around on the couch and there are other races that need and want to run. We need to make sure which breeds we are looking for when looking for a particular breed that will go together, that we can move around and bring them out as needed, and not see a lot of our behavior problems that result from a lack of mental stimulation and that is really important. He says when talking about older pets, the good news is that many pets have already been potty trained and socialized. A lot of these things we struggle with and cause problems for our pups when we don’t just have the time. If you are looking for a pet, do some research and speak to your veterinarian. He says that unfortunately many pets are being returned to the SPCA because people simply have not been able to manage and care for them. If you can, he says adoption is great. He says his dog is a salvation.

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