Pokémon Company Sends Rare Cards To Boy Who Sold Collection For Puppy

The Pokémon Company sent a collection of rare cards to the 8-year-old boy who sold his Pokémon cards to help fund medical treatment for his pup.

After selling his Pokémon Card Collection To raise money for his puppy’s vet bills, the Pokémon Company made 8-year-old Bryson Kliemann unselfish by sending him a collection of rare cards. Although the Pokémon TCG was first released in 1996, it is still popular with fans young and old. The popularity rose overwhelmingly again in 2020, resulting in a shortage of tickets.

Budding Pokémon fan Bryson Kliemann from Lebanon, Virginia, first noticed his pup Bruce’s sluggish behavior while organizing his Pokémon card collection. Bruce was later diagnosed with Parvo, a virus that is highly contagious to dogs, and treatment for the disease was nearly $ 700 that his family could not afford. To save his pup, Bryson set up a roadside stall to sell his card collection. A large sign read “Pokémon 4 Sale”. This caught the attention of many news outlets, and as a result, the 8-year-old was able to raise the funds necessary for Bruce’s medical treatment.

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As reported by WSLS 10, Bryson’s act of love with his pup doesn’t seem to have gone unnoticed. The Pokémon Company recently sent the young fan a collection of rare cards along with a letter saying they appreciated: “Hey Bryson, we were so excited about your story about selling your cards for your dog’s recovery. These are some cards for you to use to replace the ones you had to sell. “Bryson was also happy to report that Bruce was back home and having more playtime than ever before, but most importantly, he recovered quickly and had a few more vaccinations scheduled.

Pokemon Bryson Kliemann collection

Fortunately, the new addition to the young Pokémon fan’s card collection means he won’t have to deal with scalpers to replace his collection. Many retailers recently stopped selling Pokémon cards. In another act of selflessness, the additional funds from Bryson’s GoFundMe campaign will be donated to medical expenses for local pets. The fundraiser started with a simple goal of just $ 800. The campaign raised over $ 5,000 in donations thanks to the attention it received from global coverage.

The ongoing shortage of Pokémon cards has led to rampant scalping for big wins, and as a result, the latest news regarding the trading card game has unfortunately been negative. It is a heartwarming change to hear a Pokémon Fan use the cards for a good cause.

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Source: WSLS 10

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