Pokémon Sends Rare Cards to Young Boy Who Sold Collection to Save His Puppy

A young Pokémon fan who sold his cards to pay his dog’s medical bills received a thank you letter and some rare cards from the company.

Bryson Kliemann, an eight-year-old boy from Lebanon, Virginia, caught the Pokémon Company’s attention when his selfless act raised the money his family needed to save their pup, Bruce. Kliemann sold the Pokémon cards he loved, but he now has some special rare cards to replace them that were sent to him by Pokémon employees in Bellevue, Washington.

Kliemann’s mother, Kimberly Woodruff, was taking Bruce to the vet when Kliemann discovered he appeared sick, according to local WSLS news. The puppy was diagnosed with Parvo, a serious canine disease, and the cost of its treatment would be nearly $ 700. Kliemann knew his family couldn’t afford the bill and took it upon themselves to sell his Pokémon cards to pay for them.

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Woodruff later did a GoFundMe telling the story of her son and his furry companion. “I know I raised him right,” she wrote. “With a heart of gold because he’s so concerned about our Bruce, he’s off the road trying to sell his favorite thing in the world just to make his pup better.”

After Kliemann’s determination to save his pup became known, he received a package full of rare Pokémon cards straight from the source. A thank you letter said, “Hey Bryson, we were so excited about your story about selling your cards for your dog’s recovery. These are some cards to help you replace the cards you had to sell.”

Donations made through GoFundMe raised over $ 5,000, and the excess from the $ 800 goal goes toward medical expenses for other local pets. Bruce has recovered and is now reunited with Kliemann and his family.

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Source: WSLS News 10, WSYB News 5, GoFundMe

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