Posh pooches: Top 10 most poshest dog breeds in UK | Nature | News

Several prominent upper class dog owners are believed to have had a major impact on which breeds are considered “posh.” Examples are the black Labrador Inca from TV presenter Ben Fogle and the new puppy Nova from Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak – a fox-red Labrador. Unsurprisingly, corgis are a popular choice with the rich and famous as well, as they are a firm favorite with the queen.

Dogs, who have also appeared on hit television series, have influenced the nation’s thoughts on posh pups like Downton Abbey’s Labrador Isis and gardener Monty Don’s late golden retriever, Nigel.

Don’t forget the smaller four-legged friends, Jack Russells, pugs and rescue dogs, which have also pulled people’s hearts. Boris and Carrie Johnson’s intersection Dilyn can be seen in numerous official photos and moments shared on social media.

French Bulldogs have become a firm favorite with city dwellers too, thanks to their petite size.

Cockapoos are one of the most sought after dogs according to London pet stores due to their easy temper and lack of fur.

Among the wealthy and affluent, dachshunds also compete – great for those who enjoy long country walks or mini weekend getaways.

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