Pricey Pomeranian Puppy Stolen From Pet Store | NYC Roundup

A recap of the news in New York City today:

A man pulled a $ 3,495 worth of Pomeranian puppy out of its cage, put it in his arm, and left the pet store, according to police.

Eight Trey Crips street gang leader Larry Pagett was convicted of gang murder in Flatbush Avenue shisha lounge in 2018.

A new street sign designating the Seventh Avenue block, where the late newspaper icon grew up as “Pete Hamill Way,” was unveiled Thursday.

A 27-year-old gang member is said to have been the shooter who narrowly missed two children in the Bronx, according to a report.

The saga of the Upper West Side Hotel, which serves as the homeless shelter and made the national news, will end next week.

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