Puppies Abandoned in Texas Desert Seek Homes

A litter of puppies found abandoned in the middle of a Texas desert is now available for adoption in Mission Viejo, California.

Her trip to Orange County began about five months ago when a woman walking her dog in the Lone Star State came across a box of 12 newborn pups. She drove them for two hours to meet with the Ghetto Rescue Foundation, a Los Angeles-based group of fire and police personnel dedicated to helping animals in need.

Because the dogs were abandoned and were only a few weeks old, the dogs needed extensive medical care, fluids, and bottle feeding, according to the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center (MVASC). Two of the dogs did not survive.

Four of the puppies were later given to the MVASC, which officially listed them for adoption on June 22nd.

The group that the center called the “Zodiac” puppies is named after the astrological signs Gemini, Leo, Pisces and Sagittarius. They are valued by animal experts as the Australian cattle / Catahoula-leopard-dog mixes and grow into larger dogs.

Brynn Lavison, operations manager at MVASC, said the organization had already received several calls regarding interest in a rollout. After the pups are repaired later this week, they will be ready for adoption, she added.

“They are extremely cute, they are a little shy, but they are extremely cute and they will make really great pets for people,” Lavison said. “They are very healthy … and they are doing great.”

According to a listing on Mission Viejo’s website, the dogs need a large yard and an active family. Those interested in applying to adopt a dog can go online or call 949-470-3045.

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