Puppies OK after carjacking, chase

Three golden retriever pups were okay after a man used a gun and vehicle in a Hayward carjacking last week, police said.

The Alameda County Animal Control Unit comforted the dogs, who were shaken but otherwise fine and later reunited with their owner, according to a statement from Hayward Police.

The officers arrested the man suspected of taking the pups on suspicion of car theft, vehicle evasion, animal endangerment, possession of narcotics and various gun charges, police said. He is a resident of South Hayward, said police and remained in custody in Santa Rita Prison in Dublin.

The authorities did not immediately identify him.

According to police, the victim put the puppies up for sale online and agreed to meet with the man who said he wanted to buy one. When the two men met, police said the suspect pointed a gun at the puppy owner, jumped into the victim’s truck and drove away.

In response to what the police called a hectic 911 call, officers located the truck headed north on Mission Boulevard near Highland Boulevard. The officers then chased the truck onto an unidentified highway, where it crashed and overturned, police said.

When the man tried to flee, he was caught by officers, the police said.

As a result, the police asked anyone who transacts online to do so at the police station or in other places where other people are.

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