Puppies Oxford: rare twin Border Collies ready for adoption

IDENTICAL twin pups are born and will find their home forever.

Identical twin pups are extremely rare – the first case wasn’t reported until 2016.

The identical tri-colored Border Collie pups were born in Oxford on May 31st and were part of a six year old litter.

Laura Crosby, the owner of the pups, said, “We now have the DNA confirmation from animal diagnostics to confirm that these pups are from an egg.

“Now that you are eight weeks old, you are ready for a new home in the big wide world.”

Ms. Crosby spoke to an animal psychologist who suggested that the twin pups be held together before they left for their eternal home.

She said: “They are extraordinary – they stay together, they walk through the garden together, they just walk in pairs.

“They would be brilliant working on agility or training as shepherds.

“With the twins, I really don’t want them to be separated.”

Ms. Crosby is looking for someone who really cares about Border Collies to adopt the lovable twins.

When you’re ready to take on the Border Collies Twins Challenge, please email [email protected] for more information.

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