Puppies rescued from Lode home after emaciated dogs abandoned outside

Four tiny young pups were rescued from a Mother Lode house after authorities discovered two emaciated dogs that appeared to have been abandoned at the residence, authorities reported this weekend.

The little brown and white pups were found in Pine Grove Friday afternoon after representatives from the Amador County Sheriff’s Office spent hours unsuccessfully trying to find the dogs’ owner after being made aware of the abandoned adult dogs that morning, said the agency with.

MPs responded to the 14000 block on Spurlock Lane in Pine Grove just before 11 a.m. on Friday to help animal control officers with two dogs that appeared to have been abandoned at the residence. Both were emaciated and in need of immediate food and water, and animal control officials tried to reach the resident “on numerous occasions but received no response,” the agency said.

One of the dogs spotted outside appeared to have recently given birth to pups and was still nursing, so “the pups were believed to be still in the house,” the Amador County Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post on Saturday.

Four pups were rescued from a Mother Lode home after authorities discovered two emaciated dogs left behind at the residence, authorities say.

“After exhausting all attempts” to contact the resident or the owner of the property, a representative was able to obtain a search warrant for the house and rescued the puppies on Friday shortly before 5 pm.

The agency’s social media post got widespread and sparked a flurry of comments over the weekend.

“Thanks for the extra effort. Many officers took the dogs outside and moved on, which would likely have resulted in the deaths of the pups, ”one wrote. “Great job, love our local crime fighters!”

“Thank you, thank you for saving this poor mom and her puppies! I am so glad you took action, ”wrote another. “What a sad little face! It breaks my heart that anyone could / would do something like an animal !! “

All four pups were released to Animal Control and were reunited with their mother. The investigation is currently ongoing, the sheriff’s office said.

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