Puppy Dogs & Ice Cream Author Spotlight: Vince Cleghorne

He was always a natural storyteller, but when the idea of ​​a crack in the moon crossed his mind, he wrote it down and was addicted to children’s books. Cleghorne said he sees his books as animations, films, and plays, which helps him really develop his characters’ voices. His other inspirations come from his son Kyle and granddaughters Amber and Hollie. They remind him of the importance of every life lesson he writes about and never forget that everyone should be taught with a smile.

Vince spends his waking hours writing about cowardly owls, children with huge hair, and bowls of beetle soup – a wide range of topics that answer the question “Where do these ideas come from?” can’t resist.

One of our favorite answers came from a question about his book Dino-Kid. Cleghorne said, “My best friend who grew up, Vernon, had huge orange hair. He was an amazing character and everything he did had to be big and loud. When Vernon died, I knew that writing and illustrating Dino-Kid was going to be a fitting tribute to a friend who made every day of my youth absolutely hilarious. “

It is amazing that Cleghorne was able to carry on his friend’s legacy by bringing joy to so many children!

Cleghornes books can be found on the Puppy Dogs & Ice Cream website, in the mobile app and on Amazon. These stories are full of important lessons about friendship, problem solving, courage, and lots and lots of laughter!

Media contact: Marleine Pacilio, [email protected]

SOURCE Puppy Dogs & Ice Cream Inc.

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