Puppy kidnapped reunited with owner in Pueblo

PUEBLO, Colorado – For three weeks, Molly Leri searched and hoped for her 8-month-old pit bull puppy after it was stolen from her hands. She credits social media for helping track down the dog.

“It was horrible, I didn’t know what to do,” said Leri. “She took my life.”

On May 23, Leri was leading her dog Roxy north on Evans Avenue in Pueblo when a Mazda SUV pulled up next to her. Two women got out and snatched the dog from her.

“Then my dog ​​came off the collar. She ran home because she knows where her home is, ”Leri recalls. “We were running down the street and the girl caught up with me, grabbed my hairline and hit me a couple of times.”

The other woman grabbed the dog, the two got into the car and sped away.

In her house, Roxy has the back yard, all the fresh food a growing puppy could want, and even a place on the bed to sleep.

“I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, it was hard to go to work,” Leri explained. “I was a total wreck. I didn’t know whether they would take care of her, I didn’t know whether she was in a cage, I didn’t know whether she was being fought. “

The images of the dognapping made the rounds on social media and on Tuesday the two were finally reunited.

“The joy of my life,” shared Leri. “I was so happy. I’m still crying, I’m so happy. She’s like my best friend. It’s like you lose your best friend and then find him again.”

The police are still looking for the suspect. They ask anyone with information about the two women or the car they drove to call them at 719-553-2502 or Crime Stoppers at 719-542-7867 if they would like to report information anonymously.

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