Puppy love — many, many times over | Living

KINGSPORT – Life is busier for Model City-based Beth Morrell right now: Her dog Baby gave birth to 19 babies of her own on July 4th. This is the first litter for the American Staffordshire Terrier / Pitbull mix and she handles motherhood like a champion.

“Baby is a great mom,” said Donnie Morgan, a relative of Morrell. “[She] is a very loving and protective mom. “

Only 14 of the litters survived, but the rest of the pups are as lively as ever.

“All of them are healthy and well,” said Morgan. “I’m not so sure everyone who tries to take care of this many puppies is healthy!” he was joking.

A week after they were born, the pups have begun to open their eyes and are eager to explore the world around them.

“You are very vocal. Quite shaky and very curious, ”Morgan remarked.

None of the puppies has been given a name yet. Morrell looks forward to finding a loving home for them once they are old enough to be adopted

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