Puppy playdate: third annual Rescue Reunion held at Logboat | Local

On Sunday afternoon, wagging tails and happy faces filled the Logboat Brewing Co. lawn during the third annual puppy second chance reunion.

Over 20 dogs were allowed to play together, meet old foster friends and share treats.

Second Chance, the largest animal rescue group in central Missouri, partnered with the brewery for three years to hold the reunion.

Gayla Garrett, dog lover and foster parent, proudly wore her “Dogs Make Me Happy” shirt for the occasion.

Garrett previously fostered a litter of five puppies for Second Chance and got particularly close with one of the puppies, Mocha.

Mocha was adopted by a Pilot Grove couple, Scott and Sandra Reynolds, in November 2020.

“These are her mom and dad,” Garrett said, pointing to the couple. “You brought her to see her again so I can see her again.”

Giulia Hall, Managing Director of Second Chance, initially organized the event.

“I knew Logboat was very dog-friendly,” Hall said. “I asked and they were all for it.”

Second Chance has been organizing the Rescue Reunion at Logboat since 2018. Due to the pandemic, the puppy festival could not be held in 2020 and instead held many virtual events.

“We ran a lot of virtual adoption events,” Hall said, noting that they would use Facebook so foster families could share videos and photos of the animals.

“We’ve had a huge increase in foster families and a huge increase in adoptions,” Hall said. “We almost couldn’t get dogs in fast enough.”

She found nursing was a great way for second chance supporters to help with minimal human contact.

Second Chance has around 150 volunteers who help at the Boonville site and in foster families.

This year alone, the organization is well on its way to helping rescue over 1,000 cats and dogs, Hall noted.

The group looks forward to holding more events and helping more cats and dogs find their homes forever.

“Foster families love to see their adopted dogs and cats,” Hall said. “Our volunteers and our customers love to see everyone come back.”

In the afternoon, not only were former rescue dogs and their foster parents brought together for a playful visit, but also current second chance foster dogs and providers for animal lovers.

Pedigree Pawdicure, a dog nail trimming company, offered free trimming to anyone who could guess the number of dog treats in a jar.

Luci Branyan, owner of The Big Dog Design, sold handcrafted collars when we reunited.

“This is my second time doing this event,” said Branyan. “It’s always fun to see dogs and happy people.”

Branyan is no longer able to have pets due to allergies, but is happy to work with Second Chance to stay close to animals.

“This is my best way to see the furry friends,” she said.

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