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Chelsea Powrie

The owner of a puppy who was attacked by a large dog on Okanagan Lake faces thousands of dollars in veterinary bills while the nine-week-old Pyrenees struggles to learn to walk again after undergoing extensive brain and skull surgery.

It was every puppy parent’s nightmare when owner Gurik Manshahia took his new dog Sheru and a friend, Shanta Borrego, out for a walk on Penticton Peach on the evening of July 7th.

Sheru was on a leash when a large breed dog attacked after the dogs approached while walking.

The dog grabbed Sheru by the skull and was too big for Borrego and others to leave immediately.

“Sheru was badly injured so we took him to the Kelowna Animal Hospital. He cried and screamed the whole trip there, ”recalls Borrego.

He had a broken nose and multiple fractures of his skull, and after two days in Kelowna it became clear that he needed more specialized neurological surgery at Canada West Veterinary Hospital in Vancouver.

“He’s been in Vancouver since Friday. It’s been up and down and super emotional, but now he’s improved which is great. They just sent a video trying to walk alone,” said Borrego.

“But it’s been about $ 15,000 in surgery and medication so far, and even with less medication, when it improves, it’s between $ 670 and $ 980 a night.”

Borrego set up a GoFundMe to help out her friend and beloved pup. She says the woman who owned the dog that attacked Sheru was largely uncooperative, dodging calls from them and dog control after revealing her phone number and first name at the scene.

“At the end, I sent her a huge text message that said, ‘This is great excitement, please cooperate, help us.’ And she just responded with this huge message that the puppy shouldn’t have rushed that dog and that she can offer $ 750, ”Borrego.

“It could have been a child, I think she has to take responsibility. And then I said, ‘I also looked around and found two seven week old Pyrenees to adopt,’ which was frankly so hurtful.” “I think it was much worse that she said that.”

Dog Control was not immediately available for comment.

This is where you can find GoFundMe to help Sheru recover.

Photo: Contributed

Sheru before the attack that left him with severe skull, brain and face injuries

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