Puppy Repeatedly Leaps Into Bush In Joyous Footage

The simple things in life can bring us the most joy, as a dog recently demonstrated on TikTok.

In the footage provided to the app by user The Berner Bunch, a Bernese Mountain Dog named Weller can be seen enjoying himself in the purest possible way – by repeatedly jumping into a bush.

The little puppy jumps into the air from the wooden deck and lands in the green plush plant, while other dogs observe its strange behavior.

The animal seems to be really enjoying itself in the clip released June 18.

A look at the TikTok account with 153,800 followers shows that Weller is a rescue dog and lives next to other pets of the same breed.

The Berner Haufen gave the clip a title and wrote: “Weller is OBSESSED with this bush #bernesemountaindog #wee.”

The footage has since gone viral, viewed by more than 958,700 million people, and topped 122,900 likes.

Many went to the comment section to share their thoughts on the adorable video.

One TikTok user, megandmickey57, wrote, “I needed this today.”

Another person, Zee, added, “My dog ​​did this as a puppy. Now he’s big and my tree looks super sad.”

Skyler & Oshie raved, “This is absolutely golden! TikTok winners today.”

Michael Robbins 263 typed Berners are the best ones that will make you laugh all day. “

Sophia Borgeson pointed out that “you can always see where he’s landing on the system.”

Allison Victoria commented, “Omg !! I also have someone named Weller and have never met anyone by that name.”

Sophia Borgeson pointed out that “you can always see where he’s landing on the system.”

The Berner Bunch replied: “Lol the bush is permanently disfigured.”

But while Weller may make the outdoors look worse, a dog was recently filmed on TikTok helping a woman with gardening.

A clip shared with the app by user Sofie Thulen, known online as Sofieandsampson, shows her Golden Retriever digging the garden so her mother can plant her red flowers.

The video, shared on June 13, is overlaid with text that reads, “My mom has him dig holes for her flowers.”

Thulen has given the article a title and wrote: “He really gives everything.”

She also added the hashtags: “#fyp #foryou #dogs #goldens #NightDoneRight #goldenretriever #funny #comedy #cardib #pets #WhatWouldPopTartsDo.”

A Stock Image of a puppy sitting on some grass. In the TikTok video, a puppy is amused by jumping into a bush over and over again.
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