Puppy sees rain for the first, keeps trying to catch drops. Watch adorable video | Trending

There is something wonderfully satisfying about watching happy dogs do random things and react to new experiences. And thanks to pet parents and social media, there are several videos showing just that. If you are someone who likes content like this, this video of a puppy is going to make you very happy.

The video posted on Reddit is only 30 seconds long. But chances are you’ll spend more time looking at it over and over again.

The clip shows how the little puppy reacts to the rain. The caption shared with the video explains that this was the first time the puppeteer has had heavy rain.

The little cutie tries to catch the drops of water with her mouth and run over the grass. “Our puppy saw heavy rain for the first time today,” read the caption shared on Reddit.

Check out the adorable video below:

The video was shared about 17 hours ago and has garnered nearly 5,000 upvotes and multiple comments.

“Dogs are so hopelessly adorable goofy at times and it’s wonderful,” wrote one Reddit user. “Lol. Dogs are the best, ”wrote another. We can’t help but agree.

Someone even tried to imagine the puppy’s mind.

“Papa!… Om nom… the water… nom nom… comes from heaven! Om nom … the stuff is damn everywhere … ok, too much dripping … hey, get off my ears … papa save me! “Wrote one person.

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